New Jersey Marijuana in 2022 – What You Need to Know

The Rutgers University policy lab released several studies on racial injustice. These studies indicate that African American students faced substantial discrimination and retribution.

In New Jersey, African American students are twice as likely to be expelled. The charges these students faced were primarily related to marijuana use.

This study highlights how important it is to change New Jersey marijuana laws. As the state sets the stage for legal sellers and use, it must address the social issues it created.

New Jersey Marijuana Laws

In 2010, Governor John Corzine signed the “Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act.” This act legalized the medical use of marijuana grown by approved companies.

This law serves as one of the fundamental turning points for the use of marijuana in New Jersey. The structure of this law is the blueprint for the recent legal weed laws in the state.

Marijuana was not officially decriminalized and legalized until January 2021. After the law’s passage, marijuana was formally legalized for medical and recreational uses.

Lovers of the plant are experiencing some frustrating delays, though. Public dispensaries and recreational marijuana should be available by now. However, many shops are experiencing delays in license approval.

The causes of these delays may be worth it, however. The delays reflect the State’s desire to encourage social and economic equity.

The Delay in Recreational Marijuana Sales

One of the significant concerns of lawmakers and policymakers is supply and demand. Before dispensers for recreational use are approved, suppliers must demonstrate sufficient supply.

The concern is that after the recreational weed hits the stores, the medical field will suffer. Marijuana was initially legalized for medical purposes.

Marijuana currently helps people with PTSD and other mental illnesses. Before people use this substance recreationally, they must have sufficient stock for medical use.

Other causes for delay include economic and social equity. Marijuana laws overwhelmingly targetted African Americans and Hispanics.

New Jersey marijuana licenses favor these groups and economically struggling groups. Large sellers and manufacturers are not yet fully immersed in New Jersey’s CannBusinnes.

This is good for sellers such as and other small marijuana sellers. It’s not so good for buyers, however. Lawmakers are working on getting the ball rolling after months and months of delays.

Delays and Probable Solutions

New Jersey lawmakers face a lot of heat due to the 16-month delay in creating a legal weed market. However, according to data collected across several states, this delay is not unprecedented.

Every state that legalized marijuana faced a supply shortage. This is because the states need to create a system where the substance is regulated.

This is good news because it will prevent people from getting poor quality or dangerous products. It is not ideal, however, because it interrupts the supply chain.

Lawmakers feel confident that legal weed sales should start sometime in May of this year. The supply chain seems to be catching up with the medical and recreational demands.

Lawmakers and New Jersey Marijuana

New Jersey marijuana legalization is slowly righting the wrongs of the discriminatory laws. However, getting recreational NJ cannabis into consumers’ hands is an uphill climb.

As of April 11th this year, the state of New Jersey licensed seven sellers in the state. Although this is far from enough to meet buyers’ desires, it is something.

The state is actively working with both growers and sellers to meet this shortage. Even though it’s been slow in coming, “opening day” seems well on the horizon.

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