11 Fun and Silly Things to Do While High on Weed

That’s a widely accepted fact that if you’re high, it’s all easier. Many that dispute is just wrong. (or in denial). So what are you going to do when you do nothing else?

And over the years, we’ve seen patterns come and go into what creates a perfect druggy activity – and by 2020, things might have changed, right?

Who cares – however, how much we can be assured of is that being high and doing awesome things is as fun as it has ever been. And if you’re waiting for anything to enjoy with your favorite buddy but don’t know where to go, you’re in the right spot!

Check about 11 cool things you can enjoy your high here.

1. Go for A Walk

Went for a walk around the area, the local parks, or even a few streets in your own neighborhood: you’ll see each nature in a unique direction.

Instantly, you’ll catch a little bit of information that never reached out first. At first, it might be tough to inspire yourself to continue walking.

Anyway, as soon as you do, you can instantly note how good it feels. It could even feel a little like you’re moving at a rapid speed. Physical exercise also can enhance neural practice, enhance, and probably extend high energy.

2. Watch A Movie

It may seem an easy option, and we don’t think of just any movie in reality. Although finding something on TV could do well, many films seem to be specially made to view while they’re drunk.

That type of comedy, unpredictable scenarios, and sometimes nonsensical plots of stoner comedies would have you drawn in. More imaginative or highly acclaimed movies can be fun, or even your favorite animated film.

3. Listen to Music

Keep your earphones on to totally situate yourself in the music, perform it out loud, and let the songs fill the space.

The flow, the beat, the lyrics, and any little sound effect tend to be much smoother when stoned. Even your favorite songs would have a fresh taste for them. We also suggest that you sample new songs, trying styles that you don’t usually identify with.

You may finish up valuing different trends in a modified state of mind. Depth sound has a repetitiveness that’s easy to get lost in, while instrumental and drum and bass are going to chill you out towards the fullest.

4. Use Your Taste Buds

And at a certain level, you’re going to get hungry. Try something entirely different rather than ordering pizza or filling your stomach with potato chips.

Buy anything you’ve never had before, and let the flavor and scent delight you. You should think about this in advance, too, and make sure you’re balanced in the grocery store.

Try to cook to see which innovative culinary recipes you can make, introducing a whole new variety of special techniques to your specific collection.

5) Read or Study a Book

Maybe it doesn’t seem like an enjoyable time, but learning or reading books can be unbelievable after participating in the wacky weed. Stuff that you will discover will broaden your awareness.

6) Surf The Internet

And there are lots to watch, read, and do on the web that you can’t do all in one life. Which made it a great range of joy when you’re tall. You will learn new things, scream, weep, and relax with just some very taps or clicks.

7) Do Yoga

Yoga is merely relaxing, so you’re trying to do good to your body feels settled at the same moment. There’s no real dedication like struggling to complete a novel or making a path to the theater. And Where’s the Damn Spot?

8. Hang with Friends

Hanging with colleagues eventually contributes to some intense discussions (“I heard about this guy who invented the car running on water, man. It’s got a fiberglass, a water engine, and it’s running on water!”).

9. Make Amazing Art

Would you like to let your imagination run rampant? Create some art when you’re tall. What you need is a pencil and a sheet of paper. If you have some pencils, colored pencils, or colors, take them out to make your internal 10-year-old glow.

10. GET Satisfactory

Get into your bed and get all cozy with those extra sheets and blankets. All of them cuddled up and wet, and you can always watch a Television or play music. Only getting relaxed and doing nothing can be very relaxing, too.

Any varieties of weed are great to help a safe sleeping pattern you want to enjoy a proper nap or get an intense, decent night’s sleep.

11. Tour an Art Museum

That one was easy: feel blazed, go to an art gallery, enjoy it. The buzz enhances the visuals and places you in a whole new headspace. Place some headphones in your ears and some delicious sweets in your mouth and three of your five senses can make the light go awesome.

We believe you’ve liked our list of best things to do when you’re high.

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