CBD OIL 101: Everything You Need to Know About CBD

When it comes to buying or taking CBD oil, you should first be aware of what the product is, how it works and why it’s in the news so much lately. This resource guide is all about providing you with the details and information you need to make the best choice for CBD and your health.

CBD vs. THC. What is the difference?

There are around 100 identified compounds in the marijuana plant but CBD and THC are the most abundant and the best-known compounds. From the subtitle, we are here trying to analyze, which one is better out of two. Although there is no right answer to this because both are having their own benefits.

More pertinently, it is very tough to compare the two because they are coming from the same plant. The main difference between the two is that THC is providing with a high, while CBD does not. In addition, you will be getting the CBD products which are made from the marijuana plant. There are also legal issues attach for the sellers from extracting the CBD from the industrial hemp plant.

What is the difference and what they are doing to the body?

When cannabis is grown for medicinal purposes, the buds, flowers, and leaves of the female plant are cured for creating Marijuana. Hemp is also present in the same genus, but the method of growing it is different. Marijuana is grown from the plant having larger buds so that the psychoactive effects will be greater. While the hemp is grown on the fiber material having smaller buds. Sellers of both the hemp and weed products are extracting various compounds from the pants and then selling them as the medicinal therapies.

The ECS is the reason for the effective medicinal effects of marijuana. The ECS is mostly controlled by the endocannabinoids which are influencing the enormous amount of vital functions that include appetite, pain, sleep and many more. That is why both CBD and THC can be used for helping in insomnia, chronic pain, and other diseases.

The cannabis plant is filled with useful cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids, which is beneficial for the human body. THC and CBD are abundant with these compounds. This is always the greatest research topic.

Superstar Cannabinoids

Most of the people are mainly associated with marijuana for getting high, so the focus is solely on THC. In recent times, with the discovery of CBD and other cannabinoids, the new door has been open for the research of medicinal benefits of cannabis.

THC can be found only in cannabis plant while CBD can be available in industrial hemp also. Cannabis is a flowering plant while hemp is mostly grown for the seeds and fiber. IT is having a very tiny amount of THC.

Different ways to take CBD

With more research and the new potential for the wellness and therapeutic applications for CBD, the availability and demand of CBD products continuing to increase. Due to the presence of a greater variety of choices of CBD, the method of consumption are also aligning to the lifestyle and health needs.

There are four primary methods for taking the CBD oil:

  • Ingestion
  • Topical
  • Sublingual
  • Inhalation

Below the four methods has been discussing and its advantages are explored. You can select the best product that is best for you and your family.

1 – Ingestion Options

The most common way of taking the CBD oil is to ingest it orally. When you are ingesting CBD oil then it will pass through the digestive system and is metabolized by the liver. Then it will send the active compounds to the bloodstream. This form of administration is the same as the how we are taking vitamins and daily supplements.

Common ingestible CBD oil products include edibles, capsules, and beverages. Capsules can be easily swished down with water and this is the most efficient way of taking CBD. CBD oil can be infused with a wide variety of beverages and edible which also includes coffee.

2 – Sublingual options

CBD oil is administered sublingually and held under the tongue for 90 seconds so that the mucus membrane is absorbing the active oil ingredients from the mouth. The main benefit of consuming CBD oil sublingually is that the in process of absorption the digestive system is bypass and the liver metabolism will all the compounds to reach to the bloodstreams. This will then interact with the endocannabinoid system very quickly. For those who are looking for quick effects, then CBD oil products are ideal for them.

3 – Topical Options

There are CBD products, which are designed in a way that they can be applied directly on the skin. The active ingredients, which are present in the topical CBD products will be absorbed through the skin and then they will interact with the cells and nearby surface without even entering in the bloodstream.

4 – Inhalation Options

CBD can also be inhaled by vaporizing. Vaporizer is heating the CBD oil and then it will release the active compounds. This will avoid the harmful byproducts, which are created during combustion. CBD will enter directly in the lungs and then will diffuse directly into the bloodstream. It does not have to make the way from the digestive system and liver.

The many health benefits of CBD

CBD is beneficial for human in a variety of ways.

1 – Natural Pain relief

People are using this as a prescribed drug for relieving stiffness and pain, this also includes chronic pain. CBD significantly reducing the chronic inflammation and pain in the human body.

Researchers are suggesting that the presence of non-psychoactive compounds in marijuana like CBD are providing new treatment for chronic pain.

2 – Quitting Smoking and withdrawals of drug

There is evidence, which is suggesting that CBD is helping the people in quitting smoking. A study published in Addictive Behaviours have found out that the smokers who are using inhalers which contains CBD are smoking fewer cigarettes and they have no more cravings for nicotine.

In Neurotherapeutics reviews, it was found out that CBD is also a good treatment for people who are opioid addictive disorders. Researcher is noticing that CBD is reducing the symptoms, which are associated with substance use disorder. These include mood-related symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, and pain.

More research is required but these findings are suggesting that CBD will help in preventing and reducing the withdrawal symptoms.

3 – Epilepsy

FDA has recently given approval of using CBD for the epilepsy treatment after researching on the effectiveness and safety of CBD. In the US, the doctor has rights for prescribing the Epidiolex for treatment.

FDA has clearly specified that doctors will not prescribe Epidiolex to children who are younger than 2 years. The physician and pharmacist will give the right dosage depending on the body weight.

4 – Neurological Symptoms and disorders

Researchers are also studying the effects of CBD on various neuropsychiatric disorders. In 2014 they have found out that CBD is having the anti-seizure properties and very low risk of side effects for the people having epilepsy.

There are finding where CBD can also be able to treat the compilations, which are linked to epilepsy-like neuronal injury, psychiatric diseases, and neurodegeneration.

Another study, which is published in Current Pharmaceutical Design, found that CBD is producing very similar effects like certain antipsychotic drugs and the compounds present in them are providing very effective and sage treatment to the people having schizophrenia. Further research still requires.

5 – Fighting Cancer

There are researches where it is found out that the CBD is combating with cancer. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology has found evidence that CBD can significantly help in preventing the spreading of cancer. The growth of cancer cells is suppressed and destroyed.

Where can I buy CBD in my area

If you want to buy the cannabidiol CBD oil products that you have dig down for finding the accurate and up-to-date information. Because CBD is increasing in popularity and often reliable, information is scattered across the web.

There are many factors that need to be considered before purchasing like concentration, brands, types of products and above all you need.

As you might have read that, an informed customer is the happy customer.

You should take the best possible decision when you are buying the CBD supplements. You should have to be 100 percent comfortable with your choices.

This guide will cut through the bulk of misinformation surrounding CBD, and it will start by debunking the most common myths about CBD.

The highest grade of organic cannabis oil products is available in the market. The CBD oil is derived from the organic hemp plants and is totally legal in all the 50 states. At NuLeaf Naturals the cannabis oil is 100% organic and free from any preservatives and additives. Every bottle of the cannabis oil which are provided to the customers has been passed from the rigorous laboratory testing. This will ensure that the product contains an optimal amount of CBD.

There are various online companies who are shipping the CBD oil at any place in the US. All this organic CBD oil products are sent via USPS, UPS or FedEx. You will get the products are arriving within 2-3 business days. You will get special pricing for bulk orders. If you are selling health and wellness products then you would also interested in promoting the medical cannabis oil. You can also become the wholesale CBD oil partner with them.

Credible information for CBD purchase is widely available online. It is recommended to do proper research before purchasing and ordering the CBD oil products. For more information, you can explore the online store and visit the social media pages. On some websites, the contact information is also given so you can directly drop them a mail and ask all your queries.

Is CBD legal in the United States?

It all depends on where the CBD is coming from and frankly, to whom you are asking. All the states are operating this widely as there is a total absence of regulation. For this, you are required to check the local laws.

Where is CBD Legal?

If you are 21 and live in the state where recreational cannabis is legal then you are able to use CBD that is coming from marijuana and hemp with impunity. Some states are having medical cannabis as legal. Therefore, if you are having a prescription then you are very lucky. For everyone else in the US, the laws, which are surrounding CBD, are incomplete and messy. This is leaving the citizens without any crystal-clear answers or protections. Some states are having very limited-access laws for protecting the citizens who are using high-CBD/low-THC extracts for treating conditions like epilepsy, while others are having none at all.

The rules are changing very fast in the US as the industry is growing. The agencies which are involved in regulating cannabis and the cannabis-based products are acknowledging the contradictions among the various policies and rules.

One thing we know which is certain that marijuana is still federally outlawed as a Schedule I substance, which the US Drug Enforcement Administration states have no currently accepted in the medical use and it is a very high potential abuse substance.

From January 2017, the DEA is typically referring to marijuana by its plant’s scientific name like cannabis sativa.

What about hemp?

Marijuana and hemp are the two versions of same species of plants from genus cannabis with very small genetic variations.

In 2014 Farm Bill, there are a set of federal laws, which are concerning to US food and agriculture, there the guidelines are given for growing hemp in the US. Legally it is industrial hemp, which is referring to the plants and products that are derived from the cannabis plants, which is having 0.3% THC. State-licensed farmers grow this. However, there is nothing about CBD products, which are widely available, and industry are making many CBD products.

The 2014 Farm Bill is often cited as the evidence that CBD is derived from industrial hemp and it is legal. But the legislation is legalizing only the narrow set of hemp cultivation. It is legal to grow hemp under the state pilot program or for the academic research. It is legal to cultivate under the state law in which the higher education institute and the state agriculture department is located and the research is occurring.

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